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Your new TV entertainment experience... Virgin TV Anywhere!

Play by the rules. Your rules. Virgin TV Anywhere..

Grab your favourite device, grab your favourite place, grab your favourite shows, sit back and enjoy it all with Virgin TV Anywhere .

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  • The power of wow, now.

    LIVE TV: up to 86 of your favourite TV channels

    See what’s playing right now and stream it live to your favourite device.

    Live TV
  • Showtime in your time. 

    Movies, TV shows, series.

    Want to watch blockbusters, TV shows and series and more on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone? Sign in with your My Virgin Media account and let the shows begin.

    Horizon Go app
  • Ready? Set? Download Go! 

    Virgin TV Anywhere app available for both iOS and Android devices

    Ready to turn your favourite device into a TV? Download the Virgin TV Anywhere app from the App Store or Play Store and enjoy up to 86 of your favourite TV channels live in your home and up to 80 when you’re on the move. Catch must-see On Demand box sets and movie rentals. The App even lets you set recordings on your Horizon box so you’ll always catch your favourites.

    Virgin TV Anywhere app (iOS)

    Virgin TV Anywhere app (Android)

    Virgin TV Anywhere app (Windows)

  • Play video jukebox for real. 

    Make playlists.

    Add films, series and programmes to your personal playlist and set the order in which they play. Your playlist is saved and ready for you when you log in.

  • Your stuff, made better. 

    Lists, suggestions & shares

    Let Virgin TV Anywhere show you what are the most popular movies and TV shows right now. At a glance you’ll find out which movies and TV series are popular and what your friends and other visitors like to watch. You can also browse through suggested shows and movies that you might like to watch based on your past viewing history.

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  • For your eyes only.

    Parental controls.

    Not all movies are suitable for all ages. You can control what your family can watch by using the parental controls to set up a PIN number which will safeguard against younger family members being exposed to age sensitive content.

    Alt Text
  • Go getter.

    Get Set, Virgin TV Anywhere.

    All you need to enjoy Virgin TV Anywhere is a Virgin Media Digital TV subscription. Check if you have them by logging in to your My Virgin Media account or checking out our bundles.

    Browser boo-hoo. 

    Internet Explorer 8/9?

    Virgin TV Anywhere just won’t work on Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Doh!  Why not take the easy upgrade to the latest version or use another browser?

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  • FAQs

    Find answers to the most common questions we get about Virgin TV Anywhere.